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asset based financing 

Every business has five major components necessary to operate. These are personnel, equipment, housing, products and services, and last but most vital, is capital. It takes capital to get the other four. Business owners often fear banks and commercial finance companies. This fear is simply a lack of lender knowledge. Let the professional underwirters at Business Finance Consultants handle this for you. 

Accounts receivable financing

Finding business financing that you can operate with for the next 30 years is a serious business. Ask about alternative kinds of business loans in your area. Compare rates, down payments, and closing costs among different types of lenders. Here is where a Business Finance Consultant can save you time and money. Invoice Factoring is another popular form of AR Financing. Click here to learn more about how Business Finance Consultants can help you get access to 350K in funding in less than a week with Invoice Factoring. 

commercial Real Estate

If you are considering a purchase or construction of commercial real estate, we can offer you up to 90% financing whether it's owner/user or strictly an investment. We have access to some of the most aggressive programs in the industry and with loan terms up to 25 years you'll be surprised at how easy owning commercial real estate can be.

business loans & leases

Points & Interest Rates- Even the most experianced business owners have difficulty understanding the relationship between the interest rate and the points or fees associated with their loans. The reality is that the two are directly related in that "points" are nothing more than interest that is charged up front. The actual rate and number of points a borrower pays is largely dictated by the quality of the borrower’s credit. As the credit quality decreases, the interest rate, points and fees increase. This is because these loans are more difficult to fund and pose a greater risk of default to the lender.

Startup Financing 

If you are planning to start a business, your best opportunity to obtain financing may be the assistance offered by a Business Finance Consultant. Through our network we have provided capital for hundreds of start up businesses nationwide. Consider unsecured business credit card financing as a popular one for new startups.

Equipment leases

In addition to the initial cost and obsolescence, leasing your equipment can also provide your business with a substantial tax advantage. While you should always consult with your tax adviser first, most equipment leases can be structured so that you can write off 100% of the annual lease payments. By contrast, current tax laws only allow a business to write off the interest paid on loans. However, because a lease is a rental and the business is only using the equipment, the business can usually write off all of the monthly lease payments just like any other legitimate business expense.